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About Telway

Telway is the leading distributor of multimedia and broadband products to Norwegian Internet service providers. The company offers solutions including equipment, consulting, total flow of goods from producer to end customer, configuration, handling and refurbishing of returns, and customer support. The company delivers solutions for broadband, including DSL,fibre, cable-TV,mobile broadband and IPTV. Telway cooperates with leading suppliers delivering broadband and multimedia equipment addressed against the market for telecom end customers. The company is 100% owned by Telenor. Telway is located in Drammen. For more information, please contact:



PO Box 834
3007 Drammen
Office address:
Ingvald Ludvigsens gate 21
3027 Drammen
Delivery address:
Ingvald Ludvigsens gate 21
3027 Drammen
Phone +47 902 17 200

Org. nr.: NO945701455MVA